'Reveal - Man 1'  Original Painting by Young & Battaglia with Kirin Young

'Reveal - Man 1' Original Painting by Young & Battaglia with Kirin Young

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Calming, yet captivating the ‘Reveal’ collection of artworks take classical paintings from the past and gives them new meaning. Designed by Young & Battaglia design studio in collaboration with guest digital artist Kirin Young.

The colour scheme of this collection is an urban grey, almost concrete finish, unveiling the classical painting behind. The artwork is mounted in a wooden box frame to complement the piece. These paintings are the perfect winsome addition for a cafe or bar with a modern industrial feel, adding a touch of "Dorian Grey meets Rembrandt".


“… the inspiration for this collection is classical portraits which are partially exposed from behind grey layers of time, the concrete jungle covers a beautiful hidden past waiting to be discovered. The process was fast and spontaneous but very deliberate, with free, intuitive brush strokes sweeping across the canvas, partially exposing the faces just the right amount .” Kirin Young


Edition: Original

Dimensions : 81.3 cm high x 66 cm wide

Frame: Wooden Box Frame