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'Rebecca Kneeling' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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This interesting piece of abstract art for sale, by artist Harry Simmonds, is created using fast and thick brush strokes. In a session where the artist works with the subject through a period taking up unscripted poses, artist Harry Simmonds then asked subject Rebecca to hold one particular favourite for him. ‘Rebbeca Kneeling’ now takes its place within our range of affordable abstract art for sale in the Mineheart catalogue. Hand selected from a collection of abstract art for sale in Sydney, Australia; this and other pieces are now shipped directly to our customers worldwide.

Known primarily as a portrait artist, Harry Simmonds often works ‘from life’ in the presence of a sitter/model. His monochrome portraiture, painting with acrylics blends abstraction with figuration for a bold and dynamic aesthetic. Identifying as a monochrome portrait artist, Harry Simmonds paints self-portraits, abstract art and modern art. Paintings in this series were executed quickly while working with a model, often a friend of the artist. As a pose is struck, a quick sketch is drawn of it to aid the final selection process.
When a particular pose resonates with artist Harry Simmonds he will ask the model to recreate it for a longer period. Harry Simmonds acknowledges the influence of figurative artist Euan Uglow who liked to create geometrical shapes using his model's bodies and the negative space that surrounded them.

Edition: Original Painting
Dimensions: : 84 cm x 59 cm
Material : Ink and Acrylic on Paper
Frame type :Glazed box frame