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'Jessika With Arms Stretched Out' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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Similarly, to others by Harry Simmonds, it shows a pose made by a friend of the artist selected from a number of different poses attempted in one session together. It has the look and feel of an abstract art image that comes straight from the artists’ workshop; fresh from the easel. It has a sporty, athletic look to it, less static than others in the abstract art portrait collection while holding onto its abstract art qualities.

Set against some others in the ink and acrylic collection, this is a piece of large abstract art for sale with dimensions larger than some others in the Mineheart online art sale.
As you can see the appearance of the face of subject Jessika in this abstract painting for sale is one of its highlights. The artist has captured a very surrealist overall look without giving away too much about the subject or the artists’ feeling towards her.
With shipping worldwide, the large abstract art canvas ‘Jessika with Arms Outstretched’ was originally part of the section of abstract art for sale Toronto, that is now available from Mineheart.Paintings in this series were executed quickly while working with a model, often a friend of the artist. As a pose is struck, a quick sketch is drawn of it to aid the final selection process.

When a particular pose resonates with artist Harry Simmonds he will ask the model to recreate it for a longer period. Harry Simmonds acknowledges the influence of figurative artist Euan Uglow who liked to create geometrical shapes using his model's bodies and the negative space that surrounded them.


Edition: Original Painting

Dimensions: : 121 x 121 cm

Material : Ink and Acrylic on board

Frame type :Unframed