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'Head Of Mike 6' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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The portrait painting ‘Head of Mike’ was created in a dual effort between artist friends Harry Simmonds and Guy Denning.
This abstract painting for sale at Mineheart, is one of the artists’ most well-known abstract art portraits. It is also one of two large abstract art paintings for sale in the Harry Simmonds collection that used the same model, Mike, and the same collaborator, Guy Denning.
The set up for the collaboration was for each artist to begin a painting, made in individually drawn blocks, still visible in the final piece. They would then swap work with each other to finish the paintings. The model was asked to adopt the same pose used by Denning's model, the artist would then 'morph' the appearance of the model until it began to resemble his own. Simmonds likes to create 'rules' or 'limitations' for himself. Rather than restricting him, paradoxically, he feels these helps to free him up and help to prevent him from succumbing to a staid or habitual way of working

Uniquely, among our other abstract art paintings for sale online, ‘Head of Mike 6’ features a very evident prop; the WW2 helmet Mike is wearing. It featured in Guy Denning’s, which meant when Harry Simmonds received the first draft of this abstract art painting he began searching for a similar helmet to finish the job. If you are looking to make an abstract painting purchase this can be a good addition to your collection; also, great if you have a keen interest in history.

Edition: Original Painting

Dimensions: : 91.5 cm x 73.5 cm

Material : Ink and Acrylic on Paper