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'Head Of Mike 5' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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A glamorous portrait of model Mike, a friend of artist Harry Simmonds. It has a photographic quality you might associate with a famous face. Part of the abstract painting sale at Mineheart, ‘Head of Mike 5’ is one of two large abstract art paintings for sale that used the same collaborator, Guy Denning.
The set up for the collaboration was for each artist to begin a painting, made in individually drawn blocks, still visible in the final piece. They would then swap work with each other to finish the paintings.
Like some of our other large abstract paintings for sale, UK; the workings of the artist and collaborator can still be seen in the prominent individual blocks still visible from the painting process.
A beautiful, affordable abstract art painting in an ink and acrylic monochrome style of model Mike. Mike has adopted a reflective and knowing glance at a sideways on angle to the viewer, one of many poses attempted during a brief session between artist and sitter.


Edition: Original Painting

Dimensions: 91.5 x 73.5 cm

Material: Ink and Acrylic on Paper