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'Head Of George 2' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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This acrylic art painting for sale here on the Mineheart website stands out in how strikingly human and recognisable the shape and appearance of the subjects’ head and face appear on the canvas. The imperfections of the human form are created using Harry Simmonds’ technique of not allowing himself to touch the paper with a paint brush. All of the marks in this fabulous abstract artwork were made by placing the paper on the floor dripping or flicking the paint on. The technique drastically affects the way the subject George connects with and inhabits the world within the painting. The artwork has an original modern art feel and look to it that appears uniquely both modern and somehow antique.

The ink and acrylic portrait painting began as a number of separate square or rectangular sheets, assembled together to form the final image of George. This technique, and the still visible indentations made in the artistic process add to the abstract art effect and style of the final product.


Edition: Original Painting

Dimension: 94H x 64W cm

Material :Ink and Acrylic on Paper

Frame type :Glazed Box Frame