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'Georgia -3' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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Of Mineheart’s large abstract art for sale online here, ‘Georgia 3’ is one for those who really like their abstract art paintings to truly adhere to the term ‘abstract’. It shows the loosely human form of Georgia, painted white with a black outline against white space in the background. Georgia is lying on a sofa. A closer look identifies one outstretched leg at the lower left of this modern abstract art canvas.

The painting features in our collection of large canvas abstract art for sale cheap and is a stunning, beautifully crafted piece of original abstract art for sale. ‘Georgia 3’ is layered like a complexly plotted novel, keeping the viewer engaged and learning more about the painting and its sitter, Georgia at each glance.


Edition: Original Painting

Dimensions: : 56 x 69 cm

Material: Ink and Acrylic on Paper

Frame type: Unframed