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'Jessika Seated' Original Painting by Harry Simmonds

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‘Jessika Seated’ is an image of model Jessika sitting on a deckchair inside the artists’ studio. The actions of model Jessika are up for interpretation, she can be viewed as static and at rest or a moving part of the portrait image on sale if seen as about to move off from her seat, or in the process of sitting down.
Part of the Mineheart abstract painting gallery it holds many abstract art qualities while showing a clear human form. Against other original abstract art for sale, UK, ‘Jessika Seated’ has a very individual and striking look. The clearly defined lines making up the background, and the wooden chair, are juxtaposed against the loosely interpreted figure of Jessika giving it a surreal look at home equally as at home as part of a horror film set as it is in an abstract painting gallery.

Paintings in this series were executed quickly while working with a model, often a friend of the artist. As a pose is struck, a quick sketch is drawn of it to aid the final selection process. When a particular pose resonates with artist Harry Simmonds he will ask the model to recreate it for a longer period. Harry Simmonds acknowledges the influence of figurative artist Euan Uglow who liked to create geometrical shapes using his model's bodies and the negative space that surrounded them.


Edition: Original Painting

Dimension: 84H x 59W cm

Material :Ink and Acrylic on Paper

Frame type :Glazed box frame