“In global everything starts with a dot as well as ends - on the canvas and in the real life.”

I’m from Ukraine from the city of Poltava, in the style of dotwork, stippling or pointillisme – anyone as you like, draw a little more than five years. I’m self-taught. In my works, one can observe the ambiguity of meanings and messages, I don’t set myself to bring them to people, let everyone decide what he wants to see…

If you had a quote, proverb or a mantra printed on your shirt or tattooed on your skin,what would it say?

“Blessed are the Meek, for They Will Inherit the Earth”

What were you interested in when you were a child and how did that lead you down the path to where you are now?

I probably paint from birth, I started with paints, pencils and felt-tip pens. I always liked to draw in realism. Somehow  I came across drawings of dotwork artists and realized that I wanted to master this technique. I try to hone my skills in order to achieve excellence in this style.

How long was the process from the idea to the finished painting?

On average, I draw works of a small format, for example, drawing on cardboard in A3 format takes 10-12 hours.

What are your favorite tools, or equipment that you use to create your work, please be specific!

To create my work, I use thick cardboard with texture, micron liners with a thickness of 0.20 mm, and also brushes are the same companies for painting dark areas of the background.

What is one of the most challenging aspects of your work?

Probably perseverance, if you think that with zeal and a smile on my face I start drawing, then you are mistaken, every day I try to force myself to sit at the table and come up with something new, something that will motivate me to sit and draw, draw and draw…

Please tell us about the painting featured in your 1st image.

The first picture depicts my hand, which is covered in ink, I was always inspired by how drips of ink or paint look on the human body. There is some pretentiousness and magnetism in this. In many of my works you can see this, in each figure I put a certain ambiguity.

What are your favorite ways or places to find inspiration or unwind after a stressful day?

Where would you not be that to get maximum relaxation put on your headphones and listen to the song: Highly Suspect - Serotonia

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges facing the world at the moment and what can we all do to help?

I believe that the biggest problem in our world is environmental pollution, people forget that polluting the environment they pollute their minds. It is very difficult to overcome this problem, as everyone sees and understands the problem but lives and smiles further … “When I die, do not wake me. It is better to be dead than live in your world” (Mickey Rourke, Iron Man 2)

If you went back in time and could give advice to your younger self what would it be?

I would say to myself: “Do not rush, have patience and perseverance and you will get everything you wanted! Through destruction to creation”

Where can people find out more about what you, purchase your work, and what’s the best way to get in touch?

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  • Loved this! The patience that goes into stippling always goes unnoticed and I’m always shocked at how quickly rostislaw finishes pieces.


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