“Always experimenting and exploring, like an alien newcomer to this planet…”

BÁRBARA BEZINA is a self-taught artist deeply in love with art and born in Argentina.

If you had a quote, proverb or a mantra printed on your shirt or tattooed on your skin, what would it say?

Trust in life.

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

To create. Make art.

What were you interested in when you were a child and how did that lead you down the path to where you are now?

I draw since childhood, like any child, and I liked to play outside in the nap, climb trees and make huts with branches. I always felt interest and fascination with magical and mysterious things. From a very young age I remember feeling a spark in my chest that made me wonder what this is all about, what am I doing here? All I do is to answer those questions.

Please tell us about the artwork? Featured in your 1st image.

I’m not giving explanations about the works I do because I don’t see the meaning. Also, what I do is spontaneous and intuitive so I don’t do it with a concept or with the idea of saying something. My only intention is to make art.

What influenced you for this particular artwork?

It just happens.

How long was the process from the idea to the finished artwork?

The works come out spontaneously and appear while I’m doing them. Around 3, 4, 5, 6 hours. Now I’m doing them in two or three times - same hours but distributed 

What are some of the functional aspects and rational thinking behind decisions like the size, colors, materials, techniques and mediums?

I don’t know if there is anything rational about making art. Even the elections seem intuitive.

Apart from the piece featured above, are you working on anything else exciting that you can talk about currently?

I’m doing less digital art than ever, yesterday I started the first of this year. I’m working hard with long exposure and nature digital photography. And also a lot with analog photography, trying different films, cameras, developers, techniques.

What are your favorite tools, or equipment that you use to create your work, please be specific!

Photoshop, Canon 7D, homemade filters, scanner, inks, textures,…

What are your favorite ways or places to find inspiration or unwind after a stressful day?

Walk in nature, clean the garden, wet your feet in a fountain. Being in nature or in a small garden clean your bodies.

What is one of the most challenging aspects of your work?

I don’t consider it challenging. For me it is magical, enriching, you are always learning, discovering, knowing. The challenge is to live in this world.

Are there any particular methods or approaches you use to help with this particular challenge and how does it help?

Listen to yourself. Trust in life. Be calm. To laugh.

Often our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness, what is yours and how does it affect your work?

I’m quite obsessive, perfectionist and anxious. In my work the three things are going very well. In life it gets a bit complicated …

What do you believe or like to do that many people may think is crazy or unusual?

I live in a piece of land many years ago and I don’t move from here for almost nothing since then.

Which part of the world do you live and what do you like about it?

Argentina. I love this country with the good and the bad. There is a lot of diversity in every way, contradiction, creativity, ingenuity, flow, closeness, friendship, I feel that everything here is possible, from the coolest to the lowest. But everything is possible.

What are your favorite colors at the current moment and what do they remind you of?

The question is interesting because the colors and the combination of these vary in times. Now I’m with green and pink. They are related to what I’m doing now that has a lot of nature, softness, poetry.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges facing the world at the moment and what can we all do to help?

I think it’s a moment with too much information, too much vanity, too much makeup and Photoshop in everything, a lot of superficial art, ridiculous and null …

It’s like there are two parallel worlds: one that is based on the capitalist system that seems to be collapsing; and another, a little silent, which is what is done between small groups or families and that is based on self-sustainability and respect for all living beings, including the Earth.

I think the best we can do is stop waiting for external changes and see ourselves, listen to ourselves and improve our place, what surrounds us. The rulers are never going to change or do good, they don’t work to improve people’s lives and the facts prove it. It’s ours decision and responsibility to have the life and world we want.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing instead?

I would be wanting to be an artist.

Why do you think art is important to you or the world?

What would the world be without poetry, without painting, without music?

Do you have a signature dish of food that you like to cook? if so what is it, how do you make it, and what occasions do you make it?

I had my cooking times but almost every day my husband cooks. All very healthy, vegan and delicious.

If you could time travel to visit any time when would it be and why?

I would go to the moment when I decided to come to this world for the first time to know why I did it.

If you could invite 3 famous people from the past to a dinner party who would they be and why?

Ernesto Sábato, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Krishnamurti.

Because I feel a deep love for them, as if had been very close to me. I would love to hug them, look at them, hear them and talk.

If you went back in time and could give advice to your younger self what would it be?

The truth is that I don’t think about that. I’m always guided by my intuition and of course I’ve made mistakes but they are part of life too … I would say: Everything is ok.

 Are there any particular artists, people or paintings that have greatly influenced or inspired you in your life or work?

Art in general inspires me. But if I have to name people it would be the 3 that I said before (Ernesto Sábato, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Krishnamurti.). I could add Rembrandt and Van gogh.

Are prints available of your work, and if so where can they be viewed or purchased?

The prints are not something I’ve a keen interest.

Where can people find out more about what you, purchase your work, and what’s the best way to get in touch?

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